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Hi, this is Cybil Joy a content creator from League City just south of Houston, Texas. I am a Millennial disguised as a Gen-Xer. I say this because most of my generation has given up on curiosity whereas my cat still has nine lives.

My mission is to document the Filipinx American diaspora by showcasing their marginalized voices to a world audience through digital content creation.

Thanks for visiting my website, but as you can see I am still a work-in-progress.

More to come!

Journey for Justice Slides for MLK Day

Read Aloud for Students "Journey for Justice"

Bahala Na Tree inside Babaylan Mandala

Urban Trade Narrative Short Film

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Land Acknowledgement

I would like to acknowledge the original inhabitants of the land on which I occupy. The City of Houston and the Gulf Coast Region is within the traditional territories and unceded land of the Sana, Atakapa-Ishak, Akokisa, and Karankawa peoples. I also recognize the native peoples that share the southeast Texas region, including the Tonkawa and Coahuiltecan, and that what I build here today is connected to their histories.