Artist Bio

A second-generation FILIPINX, Cybil Joy Pallugna-Saenz, otherwise known as ATEH_UBEH is a self-taught multidisciplinary artist, community leader, animist, mystical practitioner, and storyteller. They are the offspring of Filipino immigrants from the island of Luzon and ancestral lineage from the Province of Misamis Oriental on the island of Mindanao. ATEH_UBEH traces their familial origins in the occupied and unceded land of the Sana, Atakapa-Ishak, Akokisa, and Karankawa people’s territory (Houston, Texas) as far back as the 1980s. They are humble culture bearers and descendants of a barangay captain, driver, landscape artist, cobbler, pharmacist, entrepreneur, seamstress, tailor, and national hero Lapu Lapu from so-called, Philippines.

ATEH_UBEH's pagsuyo (awakening), began in 2019 when they were introduced to a Unipro Texas event in Houston called “Lumikhâ” ("create") where they brought Filipina rap artist, Ruby Ibarra. Since then, they were invited to become a founding member of Filipinx Artists of Houston and appointed Vice President of Filipino American National Historical Society, Houston, Texas Chapter.

As a self-taught artist, ATEH_UBEH writes, directs and produces narrative and documentary short films using an American Filipinx perspective, photographs and records digital media to document Filipino American community stories and oral histories, and explores fiber art through macrame and collage art through mixed media.

ATEH_UBEH's art is influenced by their healing process from generations of oppression by white supremacy, patriarchy, and capitalism while doing the deep work of decolonizing her existence within a nation of trauma, tragedy, and violence.

As an empath and extroverted introvert, ATEH_UBEH is always in flux and in pursuit of their true identity, purpose, and ultimate destiny.