108 Mala Beads

108 Gemstones (varied)

1 Guru Bead (ceramic)

Nylon cord

Reflection Series

Mixed Media Wall Hangings

2 mm cotton cord, bamboo, acrylic mirror, cowrie shells


Narrative Short Film

Seeking revenge from those who did her wrong, Linda Mendoza hunts down the people who kidnapped her after unleashing the supernatural powers passed down through the generations from her precolonial ancestors.

Halo Halo HTX Podcast

Coming Soon! 

Independently produced podcast hosted by ATEH_UBEH featuring Filipinx Creatives from Houston, Texas, and all over the Nation to talk about the latest and greatest in Art, Music, Fashion, and Film.


Mural Art

Let me MAHAL your wall. Always looking to spread the love to any place needing a bit of TLC, positivity, or affirmation.

Vision Board Circle

Collage Gathering for Visionary Art

Creating vision boards in community to enhance each other's fate. 

If you see it, if you vision it, your idea will become a reality. Trust the process.

Short Doc Video

Profile highlight of professional makeup artist and entrepreneur, Shauntel Jones, and Touch Makeup Academy.

Short Doc Video

A spotlight on Finca Tres Robles, an urban farm in the middle of the East End of downtown Houston.

Short Doc Video

Interview with Alejandro "Alex" Saenz, Jr. about his documentary film, B-Boy Battle Houston, and this unique culture's lifestyle.

Digital Collage Art

Hosting Q+A of Lumpia 2 Movie with Cast & Crew

Photograph displayed in 2021 at the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston and McNay Art Museum, San Antonio

Editorial Photography

Writing & Musings

Creative Writing Chapbook containing poetry, prose, and more.