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Hoy, this is Cybil Joy Pallugna-Saenz AKA "ATEH UBEH" a storyteller by heart, content creator, and multidisciplinary artist living in League City just south of Houston, Texas.

My mission is to document the Filipino American diaspora through the perspective of a FILIPINX born by Lake Michigan, bred in the Dirty Third, and residing Gulf Coast adjacent.

I will make a difference in myself, my family, my community, and my world through my vibe.

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Land Acknowledgement

I would like to acknowledge the original inhabitants of the land on which I occupy. The City of Houston and the Gulf Coast Region is within the traditional territories and unceded land of the Sana, Atakapa-Ishak, Akokisa, and Karankawa peoples. I also recognize the native peoples that share the southeast Texas region, including the Tonkawa and Coahuiltecan, and that what I build here today is connected to their community ancestry.